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Does the dick feel different? We asked women to tell us.

“ His monster cock was ready for the show archive

Yes they do but I have a theory that dudes with big dicks are much lazier in bed... in my experience, they just think they can throw their dick around for 10 minutes and I'm supposed to be happy. Dudes with average or smaller cocks, tend to focus on foreplay, and just try a lot harder in general... it's hot. Unless it's a one night fuck fest and you need a big dick I'll take average or small with creativity, unless you got a man with a big dick and he has all the other talents. 

I am older and experienced (we are swingers) and YES, mostly size you can tell but also curve and hardness. Guys feel different from each other and some fit better than others.
But also, the same guy can feel very different on different occasions and in different positions. Sometimes he's harder or softer. With a long guy I can get the feeling of a shorter cock by laying flat on my belly so my ass is in the way and penetration is shallower; with a shorter guy pulling my legs way up and out of the way so he gets balls deep feels longer, sideways feels surprisingly different too...And my pussy also feels different under different conditions, monthly cycle, arousal... it's not like you need a bunch of different guys to get a bunch of different feels, unless they are much different in size and then yes you can tell. Big balls vs small or tight ones are more noticeable than dicks sometimes.

It depends on the guy. They feel different yes but I have been with a guy with a really big one and he hurt me and I hated sex with him. It was so much work every time, other than that he was a super nice guy. But I have been with a guy that had a big one that it felt good and i liked it a lot and he was even larger bt seems t know how to use it better. 
But the guys with the smallest ones to me , I had the most fun with. I enjoyed sex and they took the time to make sex fun and caring and I liked that better for the long run. 

Other than circumcised vs uncircumcised, most have been close in size and feeling I have been with. I recently learning that the curves on penises seem to matter a lot more to my vagina that girth and length, as far as pleasure goes.

Yeah, they do feel different. Girth makes the biggest difference, unless they are really long, which I have and you can do some more things with long ones but they also can kill your cervix and not being able to take all of a man is no fun. Once you have had a thicker penis it's hard to go back. Something else that I notice (and prefer) is a defined corona (the "edge" of the head of the penis). Umm what else... a slight upward curve is always noticeable, too. How a man works his cock makes a difference in the long run.
❤Yeah, they all feel different. Different positions feel different depending on the dick, too. 

If it's too long don't even talk to me about doing wheelbarrow or whatever.

 I dated a man that was like 10 inches long once and it was just to much doggy style and I could not ride him. 

Definitely. Length, thickness, angle, foreskin or lack thereof, the way the dick flexes and moves during sex... All very unique!

Most men I have been with where about the same size, but the harder the better in my opinion. 

I mean it all feels good but when it's super hard it fills you up more and makes sex hurt in that really pleasurable way. 

The only way I can explain why hurting feels good is similar to how massages can hurt but feel amazing at the same time).


Veiny penises feel very good, ugly looking but you can feel them more. 

Length doesn't make a significant difference UNLESS it is that massively long that is is impaling my cervix or significantly short that it keeps popping out when you start thrusting.Short dicks suck when they slip out all the time.

Girth- very noticeable, the thicker the more enjoyable in my opinion. The thicker the dick the more it fills me up and the more pleasurable (all in my own opinion)


Circumcision/intact. I've been with both, during actual PIV with a condom it's not easy to tell a difference between the two. Without a condom, you can tell there is a little bit more lubrication/glide with an intact penis. As far as blowjobs and handjobs go, I personally prefer intact penises for handjobs as they are honestly, easier to pleasure and just more fun, cut ones for blowjobs. 

Mot dicks feel different in you. I had a guy with an awesomely thick cock who would fuck me without much bodily contact, the fullness was wonderful. Then I had a skinny short cock from a guy who ravaged my entire body while fucking me. He used his mouth, dildos, sucked on my tits and wrapped his arms around my thighs,, licked me and more.
Guess who I liked better? Both! Size matters to a degree but it's really the guy attached to the cock that makes a difference.



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